The Best White Mountains Waterfalls in New Hampshire

Diana's Baths, one of the best White Mountains Waterfalls in New Hampshire Near our Inn

With snow everywhere we turn right now, it’s easy to think only of the great skiing opportunities available to guests at our Bed and Breakfast in New Hampshire. It may not feel like it, but spring isn’t too far away, and with it, a new opportunity to explore White Mountains waterfalls like Sabbaday Falls. 

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are truly a four-season getaway, filled with fantastic opportunities for skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling in the winter, and hiking, biking, and exploring for the remainder of the year. Guests at our Bed and Breakfast in New Hampshire are conveniently located near many of the top things to do in the White Mountains, including coveted destinations like Franconia Notch State Park and the Flume Gorge. 

Our Bed and Breakfast in New Hampshire is near some of the best White Mountains waterfalls, including the famed Sabbaday Falls. If you’re looking for an adventurous destination filled with fun – not to mention plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind – there’s nothing better than the Sugar Hill Inn, the leading Bed and Breakfast in New Hampshire. We’re a popular destination, though, so book your getaway early!

The gorgeous Sabbaday Falls, one of the best White Mountains waterfalls in New Hampshire

Don’t Miss the Stunning Sabbaday Falls

Of all the many incredible waterfalls in New Hampshire worth seeing, few are more popular or beautiful than Sabbaday Falls. Sabbaday Falls is located in the heart of the White Mountains National Forest, just off the scenic Kancamagus Highway. If you haven’t heard of it before, the Kancamagus Scenic Byway is one of the country’s most stunning fall foliage drives and is certainly home to some of the most popular attractions to see in New Hampshire in fall

Sabbaday Falls is a cascading waterfall that plunges into and through a narrow canyon or flume. It drops a total of 35 feet over its course and can be viewed at multiple points along the trail. The best time to visit Sabbaday Falls is from June through November. Apart from the trail to Sabbaday Falls being a scenic walk through the forest, there are also some interpretive signs to help orient you to the area’s geology and history. 

Compared to some waterfalls in the area, Sabbaday Falls is relatively easy to get to and accessible to a wide range of travelers. The hike, at just around 05. miles is considered short and relatively easy. For the most part, the surface of the trail to Sabbaday Falls is evenly graded gravel. There are, however, a few steep spots and a series of steps leading up the path to the viewpoint overlooking the falls. 

Visitors heading to Sabbaday Falls must ensure they have proper day-use permits. The fee is a nominal $5, and the parking area has a self-service pay station. If you happen to have weekly or annual passes for the White Mountains National Forest, they are valid here. as well. Just make sure you display the appropriate passes to avoid tickets. 

Diana's Baths, one of the best White Mountains Waterfalls in New Hampshire Near our Inn

6 More Spectacular White Mountains Waterfalls in NH

Sabbaday Falls is beautiful, but it’s just one of the many White Mountains waterfalls worth seeing. As a bonus, as you travel around the area chasing waterfalls, you’ll also encounter some of the more scenic covered bridges in New Hampshire. Right now, many of the waterfalls are frozen or at a trickle – but as the snowpack in the mountains begins to melt off this spring, these White Mountains Waterfalls will once again come roaring to life. 

Like Sabbaday Falls, some of these White Mountains waterfalls are located just off major roads and are easily accessible. Others require more of a hike, but all are worth the effort. Below, we’ve listed eight of our favorite nearby waterfalls, but these are just the beginning of your adventure in the White Mountains!

  1. The perfect place for guests of our Bed and Breakfast in New Hampshire to start their waterfall journey is Franconia Notch State Park. These are not only some of the best White Mountains waterfalls, but they are the closest to our Inn. Here, you don’t want to miss the Falling Waters Trail, which includes Cloudland Falls. Another great trail here takes you through the Flume Gorge to Avalanche Falls.
  2. If you love tall waterfalls, don’t miss the tallest waterfall in New Hampshire, Arethusa Falls. This 200-foot cascading beauty requires a bit of hiking (1.5 miles), but you will be so glad you did! 
  3. Bridal Veil Falls is one of the most photographed White Mountains waterfalls, which plunges 35 feet into a small pool below.
  4. See several gorgeous waterfalls in one stop when you head to Upper Ammonoosuc Falls. Not only is it beautiful, but there are several others in the area.
  5. Glen Ellis Falls is another “must-do” for gorgeous White Mountains waterfalls. One of the most striking aspects of this waterfall is the deep green pool into which it plunges. Of course, just as impressive is the 64-foot drop from above!
  6. Finally, pictured above is Diana’s Baths, a charming series of small White Mountains waterfalls in New Hampshire that rounds out this list perfectly. 

From Sabbaday Falls to Diana’s Baths, you will fall in love with these incredible White Mountains Waterfalls. These are, of course, just a small part of all the adventures awaiting you in this beautiful part of the state. Get ready for a memorable year, and book your room at our Bed and Breakfast in New Hampshire today!

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