What better way to leave the tension and stress behind than by treating yourself to a massage during your stay. Our Spa Room offers the convenience of a professional massage with a licensed massage therapist without ever having to leave the comfort of the inn. Choose from three types of treatments.

Swedish Massage relaxes your mind while improving circulation for the entire body. Traditional light to medium strokes are used for relaxation and balance.

Deep Tissue Massage provides relief for muscle tension and stiffness by using firmer strokes and pressure point work resulting in a more therapeutic effect.

Hot Stone massage is the “ultimate” massage experience. Hot stones are used in conjunction with either Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. The warmth of the stones relaxes the muscles and helps to release tension. You’ll want the massage to last forever.

To make an appointment, call 603-823-3154 or 800-548-4748 or when booking a room online. If booking online, be sure to request a day and time.

Hot Stone or Deep Tissue Massage:
1 hour – $140
1 1/2 hour – $170

Please note couple massages are not available – We only have one massage therapist

Hot Mineral Stone Spa Treatment
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