New Hampshire Beer

Is beer the new wine?  A few days ago I went to a relatively new microbrewery in Littleton called Schilling.  I ordered a dark beer and it came in a brandy snifter.  At first I thought this to be odd.  But after the first sip I understood that this beer deserved a special glass.

I try to keep current on trends by listening to my younger staff and family.  Dan, one of our servers recommended that we add  Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA.  He said that there are bars that charge over $10 a glass for the stuff.  So we added it to the list and sure enough he was right.

Remember the days when the only good beers were imported and domestic beers were for football games and frat parties.  At the Sugar Hill Inn imported beers such as Heineken and Stellar Artois are dead in the water.  It’s all about local.  We feature the beers from the Woodstock, Tuckerman and Smuttynose Breweries.  All of them are from New Hampshire.  New Hampshire is becoming well known for its beers.  Take a look at the New Hampshire brewery map.   Similar developments are occurring in our neighboring states of Maine and Vermont.

If you go to the Woodstock Brewery for lunch I recommend ordering the sampler that includes five 3oz glasses of your choice.  Ask your server if you need help deciding.

The best way to sample the best beers from the region is to come to New England Brewfest held every June in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

As the bartender at the Sugar Hill Inn I love recommending local beers.  Guests are looking for that authentic New Hampshire experience and are very open to try something new.  In the rare case it is not to their liking I will pour something else.  Please let us know if you have a favorite New Hampshire beer.


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