Happy Fourth of July and Notes from the Cog Railway

Happy 4th of July everyone! Ms. Sara here! Why is Dad playing on train tracks?

As busy innkeepers (and their offspring) it can be a challenge to find the time to try all of the activities we recommend. It’s even more challenging to get the family together to do something fun. Some of you will note the funny pictures of Karen and Dad on the zip-line. We have been up most of the hiking trails, to the lakes, but we had never taken the Cog Railway up to the top of Mt. Washington. So what’s so special about this train going up a mountain?  Some of you ride the train to work everyday and maybe you think you’re not interested. I’m going to convince you to check this out!

First, Mt. Washington is the real deal mountain. It is the highest elevation in the Northeast at 6,288 feet. I am personally 5’2 so it would take 1,257 of me to be as tall as Mt. Washington. Only the most physically fit people can climb it on foot so in 1868 the Cog Railway opened as the world’s first mountain climbing train. Women used to climb this mountain on foot and  in hoop skirts with corsets. Really!

It has the steepest train tracks in the world so your conductor has to know his stuff. The train has beautiful views and the 45 minute ride each way goes by quickly! At the top of the mountain you’re given an hour to look around and take in the sweet views. The top of the mountain also offers a museum, snack bar, and some shops. Most importantly you get to see the really pretty views and get outside on a hopefully clear day!

Tickets for adults are $62 each. It’s well worth the price when you think about all the effort that goes into maintaining the tracks safely, the train cars, and having an old fashioned train car engineer. This experience is featured in that coffee table book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. Enjoy the holiday and feel free to ask us about our adventure of the Cog Railway!

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