Discover the Best Hiking in New Hampshire This Summer

Franconia Notch State Park, one of the most popular places to go hiking in New Hampshire

The White Mountains are known to be one of the best places for hiking in New Hampshire. From the soaring peak of impressive Mount Washington to the steep walls of Flume Gorge, there’s a wonderful variety of hiking available to you in the White Mountains – and most of it is within easy reach of our Bed and Breakfast. There are an overwhelming number of options for hiking in New Hampshire, so we’ve combed through the options and pulled out some of the best for you below.

Summer truly is the season for outdoor adventures in the White Mountains, but it’s not only about finding the best hiking in New Hampshire.  The White Mountains also boast some of the best trails for mountain biking in New Hampshire, and in the winter, it’s one of the best ski destinations in New England. The White Mountains are also a great place to get away for a while, to a place where you’re surrounded by some of the most impressive natural scenery in the country.

You’ll want to spend at least a few days here exploring places like Franconia Notch State Park, Mount Washington, and all of the unique ways to get to the top, chasing waterfalls, photographing covered bridges, and enjoying the small-town charm in our nearby villages and towns. There’s no better place to stay in the White Mountains than our luxury Bed and Breakfast.

Our New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast offers a broad range of guest rooms, including private and luxurious cottages. On-site is also a gourmet restaurant, serving up an incredible dinner after you’ve returned from the best hiking in New Hampshire. Book your room at our stunning White Mountains Bed and Breakfast today!

Echo Lake at Franconia Notch State Park, one of the most popular places to go hiking in New Hampshire

Franconia Notch Has Great Hiking in New Hampshire

One of our favorite places for hiking in New Hampshire, which also happens to be less than 15 minutes from our White Mountains Bed and Breakfast, is Franconia Notch State Park. Franconia Notch State Park is best known for the Flume Gorge. There’s a relatively easy 2.2-mile trip through the gorge, whose steep fern-covered granite walls rise to 70-90 feet and are only 12-20 feet wide. Beyond The Flume, there are some fantastic hiking trails throughout the park – 34 of them, to be exact!

The diversity of trails makes Franconia Notch State Park one of the best places to enjoy hiking in New Hampshire. There are short and long, easy and challenging hikes here – and the views are beautiful! Here are some of the top hikes to consider in Franconia Notch State Park this summer:

  1. The Artist Bluff Trail, pictured above, is one of the most popular and photographed places to go hiking in New Hampshire. It’s easy to see why, as it offers beautiful views of Echo Lake. Take this hike in the fall, and it’s even more magnificent.
  2. The 3.1-mile Lonesome Lake Trail is another great hike in Franconia Notch State Park.
  3. The Franconia ridge loop trail is one of the most beautiful hikes in the White Mountains. The trail extends across three mountain ranges and goes for 8 miles, and it even includes a waterfall.
  4. You don’t have to ride the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway to reach the top of Cannon Mountain. You can also hike the Hi-Cannon Trail.
  5. The Basin Cascade Trail is one of the shortest in the park, but it ends at a charming waterfall that cascades into a 20-foot granite pothole, so it’s worth it.
  6. The Mount Pemigewasset Trail is a moderate hike, at just under 4 miles round trip, but it offers the same exceptional views as some of the more extensive hikes in Franconia Notch State Park.

A woman enjoying the view on Mount Washington, one of the most popular places to go hiking in New Hampshire

6 More Great White Mountains Hiking Trials

Franconia Notch State Park is just one place to enjoy hiking in New Hampshire. Millions of people come to the White Mountains every year to enjoy the stunning scenery and to challenge themselves on the massive peaks. As you gear up for hiking in New Hampshire this summer, we’d like to help you narrow down your list.  Here are 7 of the most popular hikes in the White Mountains to consider for 2022.

  1. Presidential Traverse: This is one of the most popular hiking trails in New Hampshire, but it is challenging. The 18.9-mile hike is rocky and windy even during summer, so leave early and be well-prepared if you attempt this one.
  2. Arethusa Falls: If you’re looking to enjoy some waterfalls while hiking in New Hampshire, this is a good choice.  It’s one of the best waterfall hikes in New Hampshire, and the falls drop an impressive 160 feet.
  3. Middle and North Sugarloaf: If great mountain views are what you’re after, head to the 2.6-mile hike that leads to the middle Sugarloaf. Extending your hike just a few more miles takes you to North Sugarloaf, where you’ll enjoy even more panoramic views.
  4. Tuckerman Ravine to Mount Washington: This is an epic hike and one of the many ways to reach the peak of the famed Mount Washington, which is the highest peak in the White Mountains. It’s a challenging hike, at just over 8 miles, but the views from the top are magical. 
  5. Baldface Mountain Loop: This is an excellent place for hiking in New Hampshire. It’s a challenging hike, as you’ll scale two different peaks, the but distant views of Mount Washington and other peaks in the area make up for it.
  6. Mount Chocorua: Odds are if you’ve visited the White Mountains, you know Mount Chocorua. It’s one of the most striking peaks in the area, and at the top, you’ll savor the stunning 360-degree view.

Isn’t it time you experienced some of the best hiking in New Hampshire? We’d love to share our favorites with you and help you make the most of your time in the area. When your legs can’t go any farther, we also offer the perfect place to relax and put your feet up at the end of the day. We’ll even take care of dinner, so you don’t have to worry about leaving again once you’re in.

There’s a reason we’re rated as one of the best places to stay in the White Mountains. Book now and enjoy your summer stay at our White Mountains Bed and Breakfast.

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