How to Get to The Mount Washington Summit!

Stunning views from the summit of Mount Washington in the White Mountains

Getting to the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire’s White Mountains is a “must” when visiting us at our Bed and Breakfast. Though you can certainly take a hike to the top, it’s a grueling adventure that may not sound appealing to you.  However, there are 2 other great ways to get to the top of Mount Washington, where you’ll be rewarded with exceptional views of the White Mountains and valleys below.

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Take the scenic Auto Road to the summit of Mount Washington

Head to the Beautiful Summit of Mount Washington

Mount Washington is the highest peak in the northeastern United States, with the summit soaring in the clouds at an impressive 6, 288 feet. On a clear dayay from the top, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the Presidential Range in the White Mountains. Hikers have long sought out the trails leading to the top, which includes the Appalachian Trail – but you don’t have to exert much energy to reach the summit of Mount Washington.

Apart from hiking, there are two main ways to reach the summit of Mount Washington: The famed Auto Road, and the Cog Railway.  We’ll describe each in detail below.

Hiking to Mount Washington

The most difficult way to get to the summit of Mount Washington is to hike it. However, this hike is a coveted one amongst hiking enthusiasts, even though it ranks as one of the most difficult hikes in the country. There are many hiking routes to the summit of Mount Washington, but one of the most popular is via the Tuckerman Ravine/Lion Head Trails – a total journey of around 7.4 miles round trip.

Other great trails to the top include the Jewell Trail and the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail. Of the two, the Jewell Trail is the easiest, though both will take around 5 hours.

Ride the Mount Washington Cog Railway

The most unique way to get to the top of Mount Washington is via the Cog Railway. This engineering marvel was the first mountain-climbing train of its kind – and it has been making the journey to the summit for 152 years! The average grade of the ascent hovers around 25%, reaching at times upward of 38%.

The journey takes just under an hour and safely delivers you through three climate zones before you reach the summit, at which point you’re free to explore. The trains typically stay at the summit for around an hour, before beginning their descent back to the bottom.

Driving the Auto Road

Finally, we have perhaps the most scenic way to get to the summit of this incredible mountain – the Auto Road. There are two options when it comes to traveling the Mount Washington Auto Road – a drive yourself adventure and a guided tour. Either way, your trip along this historic road will be unforgettable. There’s an app you can download that will guide you up the mountain and give you plenty of insight into this road.

The road is only 7.6 miles, but you can expect it to take anywhere from 30 -45 minutes to ascend, and again to descend, the Mount Washington Auto Road. It depends, of course, on how much traffic there is and how often you stop to take photos. The average grade on this road is about 12%. There’s also a winter coach that will take you to the top of Mount Washington for a snowy and otherworldly adventure.

Ride the Cog Railway to the Summit of Mount Washington

The Best Bed and Breakfast in the White Mountains

Whether you take the time to hike to the top of Mount Washington, or whether you drive or ride the Cog Railway, it’s going to be a trip you won’t forget. At the end of the day, savor a delicious dinner at the Sugar Hill Inn Restaurant, where you’re free to linger as the table is yours for the evening.

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