Five Ways to Find Great Antiques in the White Mountains

Rural New England offers great places to find antiques and often at great prices. Antiques are a great way to remember your special trip to the White Mountains and the Sugar Hill Inn. Purchasing one favorite piece, often leads to purchasing something to look great next to it, and now antiquing is your favorite hobby. Families often pass down special pieces that Mom or Dad loved. The art and design scene is alive in New Hampshire. So if it’s raining, or if skiing sounds like hard work, it’s time to go shopping.
Five Ways to Find Great Antiques in the White Mountains 1
Saranac Street Antiques – Saranac Street offers two full floors of great finds. This shop is located in a old Masonic Temple that dates back to the early 1900’s. Items range from full size dining tables to light fixtures. One of the coolest parts of visiting an antique store, is wandering from room to room, while waiting for your next surprise. We have found items here ranging from that perfect table to a sideboard painted in a folk art style.

The Purple Peacock- The Purple Peacock offers antiques and artwork from over fifty local artists and antique dealers. Downstairs, vendors have stalls, which gives the Purple Peacock something for everybody.

Just L Modern Antiques – Main Street in Littleton, New Hampshire is home to shops full of one-of-a- kind items you can’t get at the mall or easily find online. Just L Modern Antiques offers the kind of decor you’d find on the set of Mad Men. Our favorite parts of the store include their fashion accessories and their focus on cool kitchen accessories. Customers often refer to this shop as a museum full of gems from another era. Items we’ve found include Elvis dolls and a handmade purse you won’t see anyone else carrying.

Applewood Antiques – Applewood Antiques is located on Route 117 in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. They are our neighbors. This quaint building is stuffed full of beautiful decor from a lifetime spent collecting. Here you’ll find a treasure trove of vintage toys, dishes, and original art to hang on your walls. If you like finding treasure, just head up the street from the Sugar Hill Inn. During the Lupine Festival, you’ll pass-by fields full of purple wildflowers and experience breathtaking views.

Lonesome Woods – Lonesome Woods is located in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. This shop makes some of their own products ranging from candles to honey. Try their line of bath and beauty products. Throughout the store, you will also find items that displayed in your house will demonstrate true attention to detail.

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