Chapter 1   The Art of Innkeeping

I think of myself more as an artist then a business owner and the Sugar Hill inn is my canvas.  In this book I am going to talk about the art of inn keeping.  This book should be of interest to anyone interested in travel, hospitality, design, art, fine wine and food, the White Mountains, entrepreneurship  and enlighten business management.

In May 2006 when I purchased the inn it was just one of many average and somewhat tired country inns with its glory day a fading memory.  The previous owners were smart, hard working and friendly but had a business model that was wearing them out, leaving little family time and benefiting only the bank holding the mortgage and the inn’s suppliers.   Only someone wearing rose color glasses could consider risking it all on this money pit.  I remember bring my girl friend up for the weekend before buying it.  Standing on the Forest View desk facing the rear of the inn, her eye were focused on the deteriorating roof, peeling paint and the herculean task of turning this place around while I was focused on the inspiring views of MT. Lafayette, the historic farm house and the pride of owning 15 of the most beautiful acres in the state.

Now years latter the inn has been renovated, occupancy has more than doubled, the inn has been featured numerous publications and has received awards from Distinguished Restaurants of North America (DiRoNA), Wine Spectator, Yankee Magazine and New Hampshire Magazine.  This is the story of our amazing journey.

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